Kiwi Dictionary

This is a collection of words and phrases that you will hear when you visit New Zealand. Thank you to the New Zealand History Site for allowing the use of the Maori words and phrases content. (supplied under common license). We hope to improve on what we have as we go along,. Here is where you can help. If you come across any errors or what you beleive is the wrong definition drop us a line at Got something to say?

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Agricultural & Pastoral Show where farmers exhibit animals & produce. There are often sid...
Accelerator — gas pedal in the car
Across the Ditch — across the Tasman Sea
Ads — TV Commercials
Aerial topdressing — spreading of fertilizer from a aircraft
Afghan– chocolate flavored biscuit, usually made from cornflakes, covered in chocolate icing
Agee jar — essential glass jar used for preserving foods
Agro — aggravated, aggressive
Auckland (also Tamaki Makaurau)
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All Black — New Zealand national rugby team
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Ankle biter — small child, toddler
Anti– clockwise counter clockwise
ANZAC — Australia New Zealand Army Corps during WWI
ANZAC Biscuit.jpg
ANZAC Biscuit — cookie made from rolled oats and coconut as care packages to the ANZAC sold...
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ANZAC Day — public holiday and national day of remembrance of military personal fallen in w...
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